A customer at a store paid 14 dollars for a scarf and 3 pairs of gloves. At the same store, a second customer paid 8 dollars more than the first customer for 2 scarves and 4 pairs of gloves. The price for each scarf is the same, and the price for each pair of gloves are the same.  How much is a scarf, and how much is a pair of gloves?

 Feb 28, 2021

s + 3g = 14

2s + 4g = 22      multiply first equation by -2 to get

-2s-6g= -28          Now add the two RED equations .....the  s's will cancel out and you can easily solve for 'g'   the price of gloves

                                 then use this value of 'g' in any of the equations to calculate 's' price....

 Feb 28, 2021
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