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Joe and Mary each pay the same price for a T-shirt. Before they buy it, Mary has $2 more than Joe. To buy the T-shirt, Joe spends $1 less than 2/5 of his money, and Mary spends 1/3 of her money. What was the total amount of money Joe and Mary originally had altogether?

 Dec 18, 2018

Let the amount Joe had =J
Let the amount Mary had =J+$2
1/3(J+2) =2/5J -  1, solve for J
J = $25 - the amount Joe started with
$25 + 2 =$27 - the amount Mary started with
$25 + $27 =$52 - they had together.

 Dec 18, 2018

joe paid=x

mary paid=x


m=j+2, joe paid: 2/5j-1 and mary paid 1/3(j+2). Now, we have an equation: 2/5j-1=1/3j+2/3, 1/15j=1 2/3, so j=5/3*15, j=25.


So, Mary paid 25+2=$27. Thus, the answer is $25+$27=$52.

 Dec 18, 2018

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