Problem Tickets to the Civic Center Auditorium for a rock concert were $19 for seats near the front and $14for rear seats. There were 525 more rear seats sold than front seats, and sales for all tickets totaled $31,770.
How many of each kind of ticket were sold?

 Sep 4, 2020

to solve this you need to calculate 525*14 and substract it from $31770, you have $24420

 now the amount of tickets for rear and near the front seats is the same

you need to obtain the average value from all the tickets, (14+19)/2.

16.5 is the average. you divide 24420 in 16.5 and you have 1480 tickets sold.

740 tickets from  seats near the front and (740+525)= 1265 tickets for the rear seats.

740 tickets in front 

1265 tickets in back 

 Sep 4, 2020

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