You have been told to replace the flag pole located in the front of your work office. The problem is that no one knows how tall it is. You were able to find information stating that the rope used to raise the flag on a pole is 20 feet long. When the flag is raised, the string is attached to the ground at a distance that is 5 feet from the base of the pole. How tall is the flag pole? Round to the nearest whole number. You must set up an equation and solve.

 Nov 29, 2017

We have a right triangle here


The length of the rope, 20 ft, is the hypotenuse and one of the legs  is  5 ft


And the height is the other leg  and is given by :


√[ 20^2  -  5^2  ]   =  √ [400 - 25 ]  =  √ 375  ≈ 19.365  ft   =  19 ft



cool cool cool

 Nov 29, 2017

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