Aug 30, 2021

Hi, not sure this really breaches any forum rules, but putting the link of the problem in the question as having a link as the only content is not the most accessible way that we might be able to help you. If you wanted to point out that the other question got buried, and didn't get an answer, one option might be to put the link as "previous post: ", and then post the problem again.


Answers posted here would seem notably out of context, and would also require lots of tabbing back and forth, making this content primarily a filler on the forum page, burying other people's questions.

 Aug 30, 2021

This response was not very productive, and does not provide me with any helpful feedback to use to improve. Feedback with the objective of helping people grow would be appreciated more than a response with little thought, depth, or room to grow from. Thank you :)

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"Pie-O-Mania" bakery bakes pies. They bake 3/4 as many apple pies as banana pies and 5/9 as many cranberry pies as apple pies daily. Given that the bakery bakes 63 more banana pies than cranberry pies daily, how many apple pies does the bakery bake daily?


Apple pies => A            Banana pies => B             Cranberry pies => C


A = 3x/4                         B = x                                 C = 5(3x/4)/9


B - C = 63 


x - 5(3x/4)/9 = 108         (number of banana pies)


Apple pies      3x/4 = 81


Banana pies     x = 108


Cranberry pies       5(3x/4)/9 = 45

 Aug 30, 2021
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Attn: Helperid18...  and guest asker


Guest has asked the question as I have always requested that people do.

Thanks for that guest.


The only improvement I can see is that the address could be included as a link.

That way people could hyperlink to it more easily.


The asker should also request that people answer on the original and leave just a little note here (as well) stating that they have done so.


Thanks for answering Jugoslav :)

Thanks to gest for putting the link to Jugoslav's answer.

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