Just found out that Omi and asinus became a moderator!! 5 moderators :)

Would definitely make this forum better :D

MaxWong  May 24, 2017

Of course you're right, my dear cookie!


more moderators means more party members,


more party members means more censorship over every little thing,


more censorship means more obedient , mindless bitches whose only purpose in life is licking the pary members a.k.a moderators for everything they do, thus getting support from the party members for their retarded posts, and helping them enforce their opinions.


and more bitches means a bigger b***h-group that forces its one opinion on the other users, thus making more bitches, supporting the party members, and making those annoying, stupid a*s people whose opinion is (Oh boy, saying this word will sure get me kicked!) different, get off!



now, Mr. moderator, you've probably just read the previous paragraphs, and you're probably distorting your face at the sight of this betrayal. "What is the meaning of this blasphemy?!". Well, actually, i already thought about that, and sir or madame, i made it simpler for you, the meaning of this whole word stacking lies within the following sentence- all you need to do is fill in the missing words with the words from the box!-



" All im asking you for is to _____________________"



















box: Go f**k yourselves

Guest May 24, 2017
edited by Guest  May 24, 2017

nice meme

Guest May 24, 2017

You are g*****n right.

Guest May 24, 2017

I even noticed that!asinus is already a moderator but. 

AsadRehman  May 24, 2017

Guest: LOL what XD

AsadRehman: Nope. asinus was not a moderator. He is new moderator.

MaxWong  May 25, 2017

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