Hi my friends!,


I'm sure this is a silly one, but....alas...I do not understand...smiley


a Question like "For which values of x will f(x) < 0?"..is easy, but what does it mean to ask the question like this:

"For which values of x will x(f(x)) < 0" ???.


Please someone..help...smiley..Thank you kindly..

 Aug 31, 2020
edited by juriemagic  Aug 31, 2020

Hi Juriemagic,


If x is negative then f(x) would have to be positive (so the product of them is negative)


If x is positive then f(x) will have to be negative.


Does that help?


Do you have a specific question that is troubling you?

 Aug 31, 2020

Hi Melody,


Thank you for answering. The question is about a parabola and straight line intercepting on a plane, and all the normal questions one can expect to find, is asked. Then the one I asked about. I was thinking that, to make a drawing of this whole thing just for a 4 point question I do not understand, is way not worth the effort. So, I think I'm going to sit this one out. Anyways, as usual, thank you very much for being out there!!!!..I do appreciate!wink

juriemagic  Sep 2, 2020

Ok how about this.


\(x*f(x)>0 \qquad \\ \text{both factors are positive AND when both factors are negative}\\ \text{x is positive right of the y axis and f(x) is positive above the x axis, so both are positive only in the 1st quadrant.}\\ \text{x is negative left of the y axis and f(x) is negative below the x axis, so both are negative only in the 3rd quadrant.}\\ \)


So the statement will be true whenever the graph is in the 1st or the 3rd quadrant.     cool

Melody  Sep 2, 2020

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