You are not learning if you get people to do all of your hw for you, You are taking the cheap way out, just dont do it than. That being said, Dont be afraid to ask for an explination if you dont understand something.

 Jun 22, 2021

First off, we do offer explanations. Most of those answer-only guest answers are wrong and they are misleading the OP, which the OP kind of deserves due to not paying attention in class. Obviously, you attended a class and that is why you have that as your homework. If you played video games or such, they obviously don't know how to do their homework. I daresay they are doing video games or watching videos after they post the question, waiting for a response. I realise that some people take all the work and copy it and mark it as their own, but that's warez. Cheating. Plagiarism. Even if they don't get caught, realize that if they don't learn, it's their problem, and so they won't have as smooth life as others. You don't need to beat a dead horse.

 Jun 23, 2021

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