I wanted to make a constant for the golden ratio, but it just has these physic thingies that don't make any sense. Why does our values have to be limited? Why can't we choose our own?

 Nov 16, 2019

I’m probably the only person on this forum that has a clue about what you are referencing. 

The reason I have a clue is I’m a genetically enhanced chimp with advanced mind reading skills.

This skill is a great advantage for interpreting babble and bullshit questions that lack a contextual preface.


You can use a variable to store the constant of the Golden ratio. I’ve use the Golden ratio and many other constants in the forum’s calculator –sometimes several constants simultaneously. They are easy to change on the fly, too.  I’ve posted at least three examples. You can peruse through my profile and find them.


Oh, and those “physic thingies that don't make any sense,” are very useful when needed. There are over 300 of them in the constants list. Your values have to be limited because if there were 30,000 of them, then it would take you a long time to find the one you need –you may as well just type it in. 


There is one constant that should be on the list: The constant for Quantum Dumbness at a distance. It works well for dumbness infectious via the net. 



 Nov 16, 2019
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