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...the only source the plagiarism tracker tracked was my own post on this website


LOL ... I guess it is a good thing I didn’t troll your original post.  Like I said, “ seem intelligent enough to write a competent, grade-level review that will pass a plagiarism review.” 


Why then, the existential meltdown?  


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE this is very urgent I might get in trouble for plagiarism!

PLEASE I am begging with my life!


Do you think your teacher is too dumb to know the cause for the plagiarism flag? The Wrath of Khan awaits you....


I do not think you are too good for your age; I think you are in the (lowest of the low end) range near that of an academic outlier. Outliers are usually found in groups of advanced study, like Project Arrow, AP, IB, etc. Generally, these groups range from 5% to 10% of a school’s population, with a U.S. national mean of 6%. 


Any way CU, I am totally busting your rump.  However, what I wrote when I first read your post is in fact what I thought. I scanned your analysis with two commercial plagiarism sites and my university’s proprietary system with a main focus on term, research, and thesis papers, along with commercial access.  After subtracting the Web2.0 and your cited quotes, it gave an 11%, which is trivial.  So I was convinced your fingerprints were not mixed with anyone else’s, and the DNA is 90% yours.   It wasn’t until your existential meltdown and Rom’s very funny post that I decided to troll you.  All in good humor, of course. 


As a peace offering, and because I still have copies of your original post and CoolStuffYT’s corrections, I created a contrast copy, so you can clearly see the corrections CS made.  It’s posted on the other thread. Good Luck




Sep 23, 2019

I saw your analysis post shortly after you made it. I could tell by the third paragraph, that you most probably used a single source review and attempted to make it your own, by altering some of the syntax and word usage.  I thought about trolling you for it and warning you, if you submitted that paper, you’d likely be called on the carpet for plagiarism.


Though by no means exemplary, the syntax, word usage, and balanced sentences are indicative of a moderately skilled, marginally practiced senior high school student. It is certainly not consistent from someone who just started eighth grade.  It is also inconsistent with your writing style on this forum, even considering the top-form care you’d likely use for an assignment.  I’ve not looked for the original source you used, but it is unlikely your analysis is rephrased enough to even be considered a derivative work.   


To make such works your own, it’s necessary to inject more than half of your own DNA into the project, and the rest of the DNA should be from multiple (cited) sources, assembled and made relevant and coherent by your own analysis. This is not a quickly learned skill, and it is very rare that anyone develops these skills intrinsically.  Intrinsic basic math skills are much more common than writing skills. This is observable by asking a toddler his age. He will usually hold up three or four fingers rather than saying the word. This is because it is much easier to demonstrate visual numerical values than it is to utter abstract vocalization. 


In any case, you seem intelligent enough to write a competent, grade-level review that will pass a plagiarism review. A human review, that is –the bloody computers will always flag something as suspicious.Most computers are none too bright.



Sep 23, 2019