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Melody Apr 19, 2018 7:16:00 PM

1) Joshua has a ladder that is 12 ft long. He wants to lean the ladder against a vertical wall so that the top of the ladder is 11.8 ft above the ground. For safety reasons, he wants the angle the ladder makes with the ground to be no greater than 75°. Will the ladder be safe at this height? Show your work and draw a diagram to support your answer.


now I will use the calc.

asin(11.8/12) = 79.524686156771


80 degrees is more than 75 degrees so the ladder is not safe for this height.


Try doing this yourself and make sure you can reproduce my answer.

Make sure you totally understand it.

You are welcome to say what problem you are having if you do not understand.

Melody Apr 19, 2018