Salvador and Jane want to split a bag of fun-sized candy, and decide to use the divider-chooser method. The bag contains 100 Snickers, 100 Milky Ways, and 100 Reese's, which Salvador values at $1, $4, and $5 respectively. (This means Salvador values the 100 Snickers together at $1, or $0.01 for 1 Snickers)

If Jane is the divider, and in one half puts:

25 Snickers
25 Milky Ways
65 Reese's

What is the value of this half in Salvador's eyes? $

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Guest Sep 21, 2018

Each S=.01    Each MW=.04     Each R=.05

TOTAL VALUE    100x.01 + 100x.04 + 100x.05 = 10


25 S = .25    25 MW=1.0   65 R = 3.0    

                        Total value of Jane's division = 4.25 (in Salvadore's eyes) ....A little LESS than half! 

ElectricPavlov  Sep 21, 2018

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