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Can anyone solve this? Answer: 220

 Mar 14, 2019
edited by dgfgrafgdfge111  Mar 15, 2019

\(\text{You need to try a little harder on these.}\\ \text{There are 9 slots to be filled. There are 11 integers that could be used}.\\ \text{There are }\dbinom{11}{9} \text{ ways to choose the set of integers used}\\ \text{It's clear the order these have to be placed. Except that either arrangement }\\ \text{in the vertical blocks can be used. That gives us an additional factor of 4}\\ n = \dbinom{11}{9}\cdot 4 = 220\)

 Mar 15, 2019


dgfgrafgdfge111  Mar 16, 2019

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