So I was doing an assignment and out of nowhere a question turned up that connfused me a bit.

The question is: Name 3 different ways to calculate the triangles area. The triangle is an perpendicular triangle. (A triangle with one corner that is 90 degrees)


The obvious one is of course B*H/2


The second one I'm thinking of is (a*b*sinC)/2 but I'm unsure if that one works on perpendicular triangles.


The third one I have no clue about. Anyone got any idea? =)

Guest Jun 8, 2017

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Let  sides  a,b  be the legs  and c the hypotenuse


Three possibilities


1st  way  =   product of the legs / 2


2nd way =    (1/2) (a)(c)sin B    

Where B is the included angle between sides a and c

Also.....     (1/2) (b) (c) sin A    would work, too


3rd  way.....something known as "Heron's" Formula


The area, A, is given by


√ [  s (s - a) (s - b) ( s - c) ]  


Where  s  = the semi-perimeter =   [ a + b + c ] / 2




cool cool cool

CPhill  Jun 8, 2017

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