62.5% of 50

Guest May 30, 2017


62.5%  =.625  .... so...


.625 * 50   =





cool cool cool

CPhill  May 30, 2017


First, convert 62.5% to a fraction or decimal. I personally like fractions, so that is what I'll use:


\(62.5\%\) Convert into fraction by putting whatever is to the left of percent over 100
\(\frac{62.5}{100}\) Multiply each side by 10 on both sides to get rid of the decimal in the numerator
\(\frac{625}{1000}\div\frac{125}{125}\) Divide the numerator and denominator by their GCF, 125, to simplify the fraction fully


Isn't that nice? \(62.5\%\) simplifies to, in a fraction, \(\frac{5}{8}\). By doing this, we have simplified the problem from \(62.5\%*50\) to \(\frac{5}{8}*\frac{50}{1}\). Now, let's simplify further to get our final answer:

\(\frac{5}{8}*\frac{50}{1}\) Multiply these fractions by multiplying the numerators and denominators.
\(\frac{250}{8}\div\frac{2}{2}\) Put improper in simplest terms by dividing by 2 on both the numerator and denominator
\(\frac{125}{4}=31\frac{1}{4}=31.25\) I've placed the final answer in different forms.



Okay, the answer is clearly \(31.25\). However, there is a trick any percentage of 50. Do this:

  1. Remove the percent sign
  2. Divide result by 2

This is probably best demonstrated by example. I'll use the problem above, which is \(62.5\%*50\).


Step 1 says to remove the percent sign, so \(62.5\%\) becomes \(62.5\)


Step 2 says divide the result by 2. \(62.5/2= 31.25\). Does this answer seem familiar? It should. It is the same answer as we got above but using different steps. 

TheXSquaredFactor  May 30, 2017

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