Each family in a neighborhood is contributing $20 worth of food to the neighborhood picnic.The Harlin family is bringing a total of 12 packages of buns.The Hambuger buns cost $2 per package.The Hotdog buns cost $1.50 per package.How many packages of each type did they buy? (Use any method)

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Answer: Hotdog buns: 8 packages, Hamburger buns: 4 packages


Explaination: While reading the problem, let's take some notes here. We have two different types of buns. Let's name the hotdog buns as x and the hamburger buns as y. So just by doing that we can come up with the equation: x + y = 12 (12 is the total packages of buns). Next we know that the Harlin family has bought 20$ worth of buns (since each family contributed 20$ and the Harlin family is a family). That gives another equation which is: 1.5x + 2y = 20. Now you treat it as a system of equations.


x + y = 12

1.5x + 2y =20


I'm going to quickly solve it (sorry I won't explain how I do this, but ask if you want me to)


-2x + -2y = -24

1.5x +2y = 20

-.5x = -4

x = 8


8 + y =12

y = 4.

Guest Mar 2, 2017

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