1. Kyle starts a fundraiser with 43 pennies. He recruits all of the players on his baseball team to participate. His goal is to triple the amount of pennies every day. Assume Kyle mees his goal each day.

Use x to represent the number of days and y to represent the total amount of pennies after each day. Choose the correct representation.


y= 43(3)^x

y= 3(43)^x

y= [(43)(3)]^x

y= 43(x)^3


2. What is the y-intercept of the exponential function?

f(x)= −0.25(6)x +2 − 1

Enter your answer in the box:

y- intercept = ____


3. The function f(x) is the height of an object x seconds after it is thrown in the air. The object starts at 0, reaches its maximum height in 3 seconds, and hits the ground at 6 seconds.  What is the practical domain for the function f(x)?


Whole numbers in [0,6]



All real numbers 

 May 17, 2018

1.   y= 43(3)^x    would represent the number of pennies after day  x


2. Not sure what this is, but I think we have


f(x)= −0.25(6)x +2 − 1


The y intercept will be where x  = 0....so we have


-0.25 (6)0 + 2  - 1


-0.25 (6)2  -1


-0.25 (36)  - 1   


-9 - 1  =





3. The practical domain  is  [ 0, 6  ]




cool cool cool

 May 17, 2018

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