Hey Everyone,

Hope you guys are doing well , mentally and physically,.I just wanted to make a post after a long long time.


So now that ive taken the pain to get out of my procrastination land and come to the forum, I might as well do something interesting.


So I was looking around for some of my old pals and most of them haven’t posted since 2015, ik , it’s a long , long time. They may prolly have forgotten this forum on which we lughed together but I wont let us all forget them , atleast not so quickly and easily.


So here I have compiled a list of their names. It would be interesting to read through this list and check you're memory and see how many you can recognize. Most of these used to be very frequent back in th day but now have almost disappeared.Lets see who are old pals are……


(the numbering doesn’t mean anything, its just my memory filtering through and digging out names , nothing much ;) )


1. Dragonlance - we used to have such interesting convos, i miss him, i wonder how he doing in life, wish we could talk again.something that defines dragonlance for me is his innocence in some ways.angel


2.DragonSlayer554 - Something i remember particularly abt him  is how much of a dragon fanatic he used to be and it was his username that compelled  disover the meaning of 'slayer ' for the first time.cheeky


3.SevenUP - Hes once of the most interesting people i know in real life and online, both world combined.Its not a nice thought but i think hes comepletely forgotten abt the forum and prolly wont ever come back again, but i do still miss him even if i try not to and would be elevated to see him pop on the forum even once.


4.MathsGod1 - I would never have enough confidence even in the virtual world to choose a username like that. Thats something that made me find MG very interesting,thats rly some confidence hes got.cool


5.TitaniumRome -  So tin seems to have remembered abt the forum and has messaged me but i wonder how many of us remember this overly hyped brat.Yeah he is one.i wont take it back.Not Offensive tho.obviously not.laugh (esp with that profile pic of his,hes definitely one)


6.zegroes - another historic brat. pretty sure some of yall remember him, after he made a  mark for himself with all that disrespect.lol.coollaugh


7.Melody44 - This person made a lot of us laigh with their hilarious pics and words.(this username can literally be a meme in the sense that 'when ur so depserate to get as many points as melody so u just copy her name with a bit of alterations'..lol)(sorry i couldnt link to their profile, if anyone u do have pls post it here fr others,thanks)


8.HeatherF - shes one of sweet and mature girls on this forum, its a wonder how she and tin are good friends, atleast to me,lollaugh


9.Rose98 - another really sweet and interesting girl on the forum. i really miss talking to her. She used to be a very nice friend to me, wonder how many of yall remember her.(her last post was in 2014)laugh


10.Coldplay - This lovely girl used to do all the hard work and dig out all our fun and interesting posts. i bet none of  u r able to remember her.cheeky

Heres a link to one of her fun compilation posts. https://web2.0calc.com/questions/here-are-many-wonderful-old-posts-i-found-this-morning-i-hope-you-enjoy-reading-them-as-much-as-i-did


11.NinjaDevo - Another person with a very interesting username and personality,remember him?


I think there are a few more but i cant remember their names or go to their profiles for confirmation so if anyone wishes to add people to this list pls comment below and link to their profile if your can,thanks.



Now now now, this bit of challenge is for everyone except Melody and CPhill too maybe, Melody literally interacts with pretty much every user here so i guess i dont want to challenge her,i wont mess with the master please,i'll pass laugh......everyone else.pls run through your brain files and see if u can find our old pals.



Okay,this is not someone ik but like rly melody, u get so much love on this forum.this person clearly shows that.so much love.

Melody"sDirtyMaid lol , sorry again no link to profile, pls give one if u can.i can kind of remember this user posting some stuff but im not sure if my memory altered or its rly like that, anyway, thats one interesting user name.


There are a lot of fans dedicated to out beloved CPhill, he has a no. of usernames in his name too, like.....CPhilFanboy ,CPhill2 ,CPhillFAN ........the desperation to get to the top of the score board is so real.....lol...



I hope you enjoy whatevers remaining of your day and also the ones to come.smiley

 Jul 11, 2020

Wow, this is so awesome!!!! 


I don't know these people (except CPhill and Melody), but they sound awesome!

 Jul 11, 2020

Thanks for sharing the memories Rosala,

You have brought back many memories.


Rosala and zegroes used to have us all in stitches (from laughing) on this forum.

The other characters are all well remembered by me as well. They were all great.

We used to have a lot of fun here.

 Jul 12, 2020

How about now? :(

 Jul 12, 2020

I expect some people still have a little fun here.

I hoexpect that there are some friendships, both public and private.

I do not follow what is happening so much any more.

Melody  Jul 12, 2020

Um I was here only a few months ago so I don't really know these people :(

 Jul 14, 2020

lol its okay if you dont. you'll make your new bunch of friends here hopefully :)

rosala  Jul 18, 2020

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