Hello all


If you didn't know, there is a program called AoPS, and a lot of people have been question their AoPS homework questions on this forum.

I'm here to say that AoPS has started again, so we'll probably expect more questions to come in.

If you don't know about AoPS, check out their website, you can search up the word "AoPS" and it should come up.


Also, a lot of people may post a whole string of questions, so be prepared.


If you are a student at AoPS (like me), please don't post a whole row of questions. Instead, try your hardest on each one, and if you don't understand, then you should ask a couple questions.


Hope this clarified everything!

 Sep 5, 2019

Thanks for the heads up. Unfortunatly I'm not part of that program so I am a bit of confused on this.

 Sep 5, 2019

Yes I know and use AoPS. I just wished my parents would sign me up for their courses... it costs way too much money!

CalculatorUser  Sep 6, 2019

Wow guess its a good thing I go to public school. Anyways I can take online courses at my school. 

ilovepuppies1880  Sep 6, 2019

Yeah I want to take their classes too, although I go to a good math program in my area outside of school

I did take their AMC 8 weekend seminar a few years ago though

power27  Sep 7, 2019

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