Hello. I would just like to say to all the moderators and people that answer questions on web2.0calc, that we, question askers, really appreciate everything that you guys do. I know that not enough people say this, and that some that do aren't genuine, but I wanted to give you all a great big thank you.


I know personally, that whenever you do something, it you put twice as much effort in and only get half the result. I know that you guys probably often feel frustrated and annoyed at us guests or question-askers sometimes, and with good reason. However, I would like to tell you that there are people like me (and many others) that support you, even though you probably can't see it. 


I would also like to say that this website has made me more motivated to learn math, to help others, and to support my peers through hard work. It's very inspring to see all of you be so good at math (even though I suck at it).


I know that this will probably be forgotten amongst the piles and piles of unanswered questions you guys have to keep up with. I know that you'll probably glance at this, think about it for a few minutes, and then forget about it altogether. I know that a, 'Thanks,' is poor payment for the countless hours that you all have dedicated to this community, but what can I say? I tried.


So, I would like to conclude with a tip - screenshot this for a rainy day, or if you're having a rainy day now, I hope you feel better. I hope that a simple thank you and a few minutes of typing on my part has helped impact you in some way. 

And so, THANK YOU. 

 Mar 1, 2020

Thanks very much.

I know there there are always a couple of very genuine question-askers using the forum at any particular time but it is really lovely when we get confirmation of this.

I really appreciate your acknowledgment and your 'thank you'. 


If you use this forum wisely you can learn a great deal here.  I am very glad that we have helped and motivated you.  laugh

 Mar 2, 2020

Of course! I admire moderators like you guys, because in any situation, there's bound to be stress, but you guys have a lot more stress, (or it can feel like you do) because there's often no return feedback or negative comments. (not trying to guilt anyone or single anyone out here - just stating the facts!) But you all still perservere. I'm trying to get much better at math so I can get into Harvard! (that's a joke.)

Wish you all the best!

somehelpplease  Mar 7, 2020

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