Hello everyone, I just have one Alg II math question that I need help on. This question is dealing with 'Standard Scores'. Thanks in advance for all your help in assisting me, thanks much!


Heres the question:


Use technology or a z-score table to answer the question.

The average balance at a credit union is normally distributed with a mean of $240 and a standard deviation of $100. Joe's balance is $260.

What percent of all accounts at the credit union have a balance less than Joe's?

Round your answer to the nearest whole number.







Guest Apr 23, 2018

Don't know much about this but I think I can  feel  my way around......LOL!!!



Mean  = $240

SD  = $100

Joe's Balance = $260



Z  =   [ Joe's Balance  - Mean Balance ]   /  SD  =


[ 260  - 240 ] / 100   = 


20/100  =  




Looking up .2 in  a  table of Z scores we find that  the value is  .5793


So....58%  have a balance  less than Joe's



cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 23, 2018

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