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What is ∑(3n-2) equal to?


 Feb 28, 2018
edited by Guest  Feb 28, 2018
edited by Guest  Feb 28, 2018

i am working with sigma at the time, i will give this a whirl


so 3n-2 with all numbers from 1-25 plugged and then those added


i think its about 925

 Feb 28, 2018

You got it !!

∑[3n - 2], n, 1, 25 ] = 925


Note: you can use the on-site calculator here by entering it like this:

Sum ((3n - 2), n, 1, 25) = 925

 Feb 28, 2018
edited by Guest  Feb 28, 2018
edited by Guest  Feb 28, 2018

OBT, there is no about here. 925 either is or isn’t the right answer.

If you would actually read the posts on your own fucking question, you would see this:


where Alan shows how to use the site calculator to solve this. He’s the only one here who knows the calculator could do this. 


Until a few hours ago, you could have read this:


Hummm are you Mr. BB, the F U C K F A C E Gingerale trolls?

He denies he is, but his post above clearly indicates he is the F U C K F A C E plagiarizer Gingerale knows him to be.


 You have a bubble tank, so you can see through the turret. So look, read, and learn, or you will grow up to be an irrelevant, worthless dumbshit like Mr. BB. That’s worse than someone blowing up your tank.  


Censorship compensator: A defensive weapon, very annoying to mods and pansies who meltdown when anyone says anything harsh. 

 Feb 28, 2018

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