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Hey I need help math i struggle a lot so if you could plesae help me with this question I would be very happy. 



Henrik is shopping at a store.  The store is having a sale on all items.  Henrik also has a coupon for an additional amount off the sale price.

The expression 0.7p – 15 represents the final price, in dollars, of items with a regular price of p dollars.

Complete the table by filling in the value of the coupon and the percent discount of the store's sale.



Amount of Coupon$



Discount %

 Sep 15, 2019

Amount of coupon  = $15


The discount  off the price  =  30%......to see this.....the price is .7P  = 70% of the normal price, P...so....the discount must be =  .30   =  30%




cool cool cool

 Sep 15, 2019

Thank you so much dude 

Guest Sep 15, 2019

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