Will and Grace are canoeing on a lake.  Will rows at $50$ meters per minute and Grace rows at $30$ meters per minute. Will starts rowing at $2$ p.m. from the west end of the lake, and Grace starts rowing from the east end of the lake at $2{:}45$ p.m. If they always row directly towards each other, and the lake is $2800$ meters across from the west side of the lake to the east side, at what time will the two meet?

 Jun 18, 2024

Let's use the simple d=rt formula. Because Will has a 45-minute head start, he would have rowed 45*50=2250 meters by the time Gracie started. Now, because the two are heading towards each other, the distance between them decreases by 80 meters per minute. 550/80 is equal to 6.875, meaning they will meet 6.875 minutes after 2:45. 0.875 is equal to 7/8, so 0.875 minutes is equal to 52.5 seconds. Therefore, they will meet at 2:51:52.50.


Feel free to tell me if I did anything wrong! :D

 Jun 19, 2024

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