1.     The population of a town was 500 in 2010. The population grows at a rate of 9.6% annually.

(a)   Use the exponential growth model to write an equation that estimates the population t years after 2010.

(a)   Estimate the population of the town in 2020. Show your work.



2.   Convert the following single log statements into 5 log statements separated by + and – signs.

Log (a3b4)/(6cd) )

NOTE:  You must show this in at least two steps.

1st line should be to convert the 3 and the 4 only.

2nd line can be the final answer.

NOTE:    6cd is all in the denominator.




1.     A savings account is started with an initial deposit of $3000. The account earns 9% interest compounded annually.

(a)   Write an equation to represent the amount of money in the account as a function of time in years.

(b)   Find the amount of time it takes for the account balance to reach 1 million. Show your work.

Note:   1 million is a 1 with 6 zeros.      Note2:   you must use log functions to solve.


(Ive been sick, and havent been to school so i have no idea how to do this, and i have like 20 other assignments i need to do. ;-; thank you for any help) 

 May 4, 2021


a) 500+ (9.6/100 (500))t= the population t years after 2010


a) 2020-2010=10 years. Plug in t=10 to the equation from the last part. Solve.

 May 4, 2021

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