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 All numbered streets runs parallel to each other. Both 3rd and 4th Streets are intersected by King Ave. as shown:




Suppose a car is traveling southwest on King Avenue and turns right onto 3rd Street. What is the measure of the angle created by the car's turning? Explain your answer


I keep on getting 75 as my answer but thats wrong 

 Mar 4, 2019

180-75=105 degrees, answer? This is because of opposite angles.

 Mar 4, 2019

Since 3rd and 4th are parallel.....Note that   traveling southwest on King and turning onto 3rd  is the same angle as traveling southwest on King and turning onto 4th


Since this angle is supplemental to 75°. it must = 180 - 75 =  105”



cool cool cool

 Mar 4, 2019

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