These questions are from an old mock AMC 10 on aops, but I don't know how to solve the questions past #15, and these (below). Here is the link: 



1.  Triangle ABC has AB = 3, BC = 4, and AC = 6. Let M denote the
midpoint of BC. The incircle of 4ABC is tangent to AC at N. Segments AM
and BN intersect at O. What is the ratio of the area of quadrilateral MONC
to the area of 4ABC? 


2.In a classroom of n students, the teacher forms a committee of two chairmen
at random, and then chooses 1 out of 7 possible elected class presidents. In
another classroom, this time with n − 3 students, the teacher needs to choose
three chairmen, and then choose 1 out of 9 possible class presidents. If the total
number of ways to choose the chairmen and class president for both classes is
the same, then what is the total number of ways for either class? Assume that
chairmen can also be presidents

 Jan 20, 2020

You do not know how to solve them past number 15 but you have given us questions 1 and 2?

Please ask the questions that you are actually interested in in a new post.

One post per question. One post at a time.

 Jan 22, 2020
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