An advertiser goes to a printer and is charged $44 for 70 copies of one flyer and $62 for 231 copies of another flyer.

The printer charges a fixed setup cost plus a charge for every copy of the flyer.

Find a function that describes the cost of a printing job, if nn is the number of copies made. (You must either use fractions or numbers with 3 decimal places of accuracy.)

 Oct 22, 2018

\(c(n) = fixedcost + n \cdot percopycost\\ 44 = fixedcost+70 \cdot percopycost \\ 62 = fixedcost + 231 \cdot percopycost\\ \text{subtract the first equation from the second}\\ 18= 161 \cdot percopycost \\ percopycost=\dfrac{18}{161} \approx $0.112/copy\\ fixedcost = 44-\dfrac{70\cdot 18}{161} \approx $36.174\\ c(n) = $(36.174 + 0.112n)\)

 Oct 22, 2018

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