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i only need it simplified so r and t are only written once


\({(\frac{{r}^{3m}}{{r}^{-m}{t}^{4n}})}^{\frac{1}{n}} \times {(\frac{{r}^{\frac{1}{n}}}{{t}^{\frac{2}{m}}})}^{-m}\)


if you want to know, this insanity looks like this with no latex.


{(\frac{{r}^{3m}}{{r}^{-m}{t}^{4n}})}^{\frac{1}{n}} \times {(\frac{{r}^{\frac{1}{n}}}{{t}^{\frac{2}{m}}})}^{-m}


because thats definitely easy to type.

 Jun 26, 2018

Let's take this by stages



r3m                        r 4m                                                        r  4m/n  

______   =   _______        raising all this to 1/n  =      ______

r-m * t4n           t 4n                                                                       4





1/n                                                  (   t 2/m )m                  t 2

_____  raised to the  -m    =    _______   =        ______ 

  t  2/m                                               (    r 1/n ) m               r m/n



So....putting all this together, we have


r 4m/n   *  t2                 r 3m/n

_________     =    ________

t4  *   r m/n                    t 2



cool cool cool

 Jun 26, 2018

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