An irregular polygon is shown below:

Image of irregular polygon with length of 9 units and height of 4 units labeled on left side. Top side length of 4 units, the side adjacent to it on the right is 2 units.

The area of the irregular polygon is ____ square units.

 Feb 15, 2019

Could you post a pic of this, Pigglepoo ????



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 Feb 15, 2019

That is the problem every time I try it just makes me redo for the upload got any other ways to show a picture?

Pigglepoox2007  Feb 15, 2019

Did you save the image to your hard drive ????


If so.....


Click on the Image tab


"Image Properties" should show.....click on the "or Upload" tab


This brings you to the "Image Upload" page


Verify that you are not a robot  and then choose file


Find the file and hit "open"


This will bring you back to the "Image Upload" page


Hit "upload"


Then.....hit the green "OK" tab


The image should display




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CPhill  Feb 15, 2019

The answer is 26 sq units  

you can calaculate the area by spiliting this shape into sperate rectangles then calaculate the area of the individuals then add the numbers.

 Feb 15, 2019
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