The following table shows the relationship between students who enroll in advanced Algebra and Chemistry in a particular high school. From a sample of 40 students it is found that 29 are enrolled in Algebra, 11 are enrolled in Chemistry, and five are enrolled in both.
                             Algebra         Not In Algrebra          Total

Chemistry                5                            6                      11

Not In Chemistry    24                           5                       29

Total                       29                          11                      40


(I hope I completed this table right ^)


Complete the rest of the two-way frequency table above.

Part A: How many students are enrolled in either Algebra or Chemistry? Explain your answer using complete sentences.

Part B: If there are 2,000 students in this school, how many (rounded to the nearest whole student) are expected to be enrolled in just Chemistry this year? Explain your answer using complete sentences. 

 Dec 7, 2017
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The table is correct...!!!


This formula is more concise than any complete sentences.....


N (A or C)  =  N(A)  + N(C)  -  N(A and C)  =


29  +  11   -   5  =





Just Chemistry....6/40   are enrolled in just Chemistry so we would expect the same proportion out of 2000....so    (6/40) * 2000  =   (3/20)*2000  =  3 (2000/20)  =  3 * 100   =  300




cool cool cool

 Dec 7, 2017

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