How does one calculate antilogarithms on this calulator? I've tried several different methods/sequences, and thus far none have worked. I need an answer ASAP since I have to calculate anitlogs during an upcoming exam. Help!!

Guest Apr 28, 2017

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Can you do it like this?


If this is the problem:

ln x = 2


Exponentiate both sides.

eln x = e2             ...and eln x = x


x = e2


x ≈ 7.389


Or if it is like this:

log10 x = 2


Exponentaite both sides:

10log x = 102


x = 102


x = 100


If the problem is really involved this might not be so easy...!

hectictar  Apr 28, 2017

If you have the log value (base 10), to find the antilog, use the (10x) key.


Example:  if you have  log(x) = 0.3010,

                  using the (10x) key:  100.3010  =  2 (approximately).

geno3141  Apr 28, 2017

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