Can John only have 73 apples but give 74 to his neighbor? Can he? Explain Why or Why Not.


StrongLauren  Mar 20, 2017
edited by StrongLauren  Mar 20, 2017

It depends if he goes to the store or has a Tree that he is getting the apples from. So its a maybe 

Fox1018  Mar 20, 2017

I edited the question

StrongLauren  Mar 20, 2017

Maybe John is really poor and doesn't much money. However, John does have a lot of apples.

John's neighbor works for John. Since John doesn't have money to pay his neighbor, he pays him with apples. John pays his neighbor 74 apples every day to work for him.

But one day John got really hungry and he ate an apple that was supposed to be payment for his neighbor. He only had 73 apples that day. John's neighbor came to get his payment, but John only had 73 to give him. John paid his neighbor all 73 apples, but he still owes him 1 apple. He is in debt 1 apple. He has -1 apples.

hectictar  Mar 20, 2017

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