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5. A walker is already walking 5km per day and decides to increase this amount by 0.1km per day starting on 1st August.


a. What distance will he be walking on 3rd August?



b. Is this an arithmetic sequence? Explain your reasoning.



c. What is the formula for the nth term?




d. If this question had stated that the walker walked 5km on 1st August and that he had increased this by 0.1km, each day thereafter.

What would the formula have been for:

i. The 16th August?

ii. The nth day of the month

 Feb 24, 2019

On August 3   distance will be    5km + .1 + .1 + .1 = 5.3km

   yes it is an arithmetic sequence because it increases at a constant rate ......each term differs from the previous term by a constant amount.

distance for nth term =   (5 + .1n)   km


If he starts at 5km on Aug 1st and THEN increases 0.1 km daily

    distance for nth day =  5 + .1(n-1)     on the n=16th day      distance = 5.15 km

 Feb 24, 2019

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