Make sure that a user is a person looking for genuine help on a problem, Not just ANSWERS. Please dont post the answer, Give them a way/example on how to solve said problem. Then have them try to work it out, If they then cant get it then you can then help them by solving the problem with them but just dont give the answer till your certin they cant get it. People just post answers off there work that should be worked out not solved for them. The reason you should do this is because you are Robbing them of there education. So PLEASE Help out by doing a couple small things like this.



If your new go learn about Web2.0Calc down bellow in Sticky Topics. Click Welcome to web2.0calc to get the rules and also to learn how to become a helper.


------ Hope to have you part of the WebCalc team

 Oct 28, 2019

 Steve, I think many of us here at the web2.0 calc community know this rule. I hope you will refrain from posting this same forum again. Not just with a different title.




Thanks, SVS.

 Oct 28, 2019
edited by SVS2652  Oct 28, 2019

Yes, this has been posted many and many times. I appreciate you wanting to make this forum a positive community, but it's getting too repetitive.

 Oct 28, 2019

Thanks for your responses, I know it may get repetitive but there is almost always at leat 20-30 Guests online. So im just Posting this here and there. To try to get them to either help or just have a account to be able to see there postes and other perks of being a member. But if you would like to help by giving me other advice on my welcome/advice pages you may help. Other than that you can help on your own.

 Oct 28, 2019
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edited by killersteve27  Oct 28, 2019

I approve this message.

 Oct 29, 2019

I do not understand why there are objections to Steve's messages.


Sure, his messages are repetitive but there are new people here all the time.

No individual has to open and read them if they do not want to.

 Oct 29, 2019

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