Bethany plans to built a small trinket box in the shape of this given triangle.


What is the measure of angle θ ?

Enter your answer, as a decimal rounded to the nearest tenth, in the box.

Triangle with one angle labeled 45 degrees and one angle labeled theta. The side across theta is 7 inches. The side across the 45 degree angle is 4.5 inches.

layla01  May 18, 2018

A truss support structure has the cross section as shown.

What is the length of the base of the truss?


Enter your answer in the box.

Round only your final answer to the nearest foot.


 Triangle with angle 81.2 degrees has adjacent sides labeled 17 ft and 25 ft, respectively. The dimension opposite the 81.2 degree angle is horizontal.

layla01  May 18, 2018

What is the length of the base of the truss?


Omi67  May 18, 2018

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