In triangle \(ABC\)\(AB=16\)\(AC=24\)\(BC=19\), and \(AD\) is an angle bisector. Find the ratio of the area of triangle \(ABD\) to the area of triangle \(ACD\). (Express your answer as a fraction in lowest terms.)

benjamingu22  Jul 23, 2017



Both triangles are under the same height...so their areas will be to each other as their bases


And since angle BAC is bisected,   bases BD and CD will have the same relationship as their adjacent sides....i.e., 16/24....so  the areas of triangles ABD and ACD  wii have the same ratio......that is :


area ABD /area of ACD  =  16 / 24  =  2 / 3


Here's a pic :



cool cool cool

CPhill  Jul 23, 2017

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