can anyone give me an advice on studying hard in math? I want to be good at it but I'm bad at it. What should I do? 

 Mar 3, 2022

It depends on your level.


I typically use Art of Problem Solving to practice math by playing Alcumus and watching videos every day. You just have to be focused on your goal of getting better at math.

 Mar 3, 2022

Khan academy is a good place to start reviewing concepts you don't understand. 

 Mar 3, 2022

It depends on many things.

Your pre knowledge

Your ability

Your memory



For me, I think it was my memory that let me down the most.

I could understand fairly easily i guess but I had to do hours of repetitious exerceises almost every night in order to cement the techniques/ methods/ formulas etc into my brain.


If you do not understand the pre-learning then a good private tutor could help enormously.

 Mar 3, 2022

I don't know your level; I'm going to assume you are somewhere in the grade 5 to grade 9 range.


First, know the arithmetic facts; algebra will be just doing basic arithmetic but using letters (variables)

instead of numbers.


Know the addition table; do not use quick counting (on your fingers) instead of having the table



Also, know the multiplication table; quick adding (on your fingers) won't be enough -- memorize!


[You've memorized the states and their capitals; you can also memorize arithmetic tables!]


Studying with someone can be a great benefit; talking through problems with someone else can really

help you understand the material. Study with someone who really wants to learn, not just get an

answer and go on. If you can find someone to study with, math can become fun and not just work.

With someone else, you will be able to greatly increase your understanding; and, once you understand

math, it will no longer be a mystery and a chore.


If you have had trouble with fractions, you will need to start over with fractions and learn how to work

with them. The same with percentages. 


Starting over with areas that you've had trouble with in the past won't be fun, but can really help you

out in the future. Several occupations require math ability; without this ability these areas may be 

closed to your. Working now may really allow better things for your future! It's hard, but worth it!

 Mar 3, 2022

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