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Everything Bad is Good For You Essay


 In Steven Johnson’s book “Everything Bad is Good for You” his main theme was exactly that of which the title of the book stated. He believed that the use of Television, video games, movies, and the internet have caused IQ’s to increase across the United States. Johnson criticizes the censoring of entertainment (TV). He claims that the complexity has caused people including kids/younger audiences to become more intelligent. 


Johnson supports his thesis in part one by claiming that video games have increased in complexity and that in resulta has caused the people who are playing games to learn critical thinking skills. An example of a game that have critical thinking is the Legend of Zelda series with many puzzles in order to complete your quest in the specific game. He also talks about older generations saying that modern technology such as  video games are not as good at providing information to people as books. Johnson states that books also have great importance in information and that they can not be directly compared to video games books in terms of the information that they carry but the information that the advancement in technology has brought new information to users that is just as valuable as the ones that is obtained through books. Video games provide their own form of intelligence as they force the player to make their own choices. Many modern video games have the player make choices on certain actions and these actions then result in many different endings just as the choices people make in the real world have many different outcomes that people have to choose from. Some games also have the need for cooperation between plates and this builds connectivity and teamwork among people that is a necessary tool for surviving in the world. An amazing example of a game that requires teamwork in order to solve challenging puzzles that cause people to think in several different ways is the portal series with Portal 2 having the added ability of cooperating with another person to complete the 2 player puzzles. 


Johnson believes that television has gotten better since its introduction. Television programs have gotten more complex and thus in return have caused users to think about pay attention to minor details and references in the works. It causes the people to learn to make social connections with people and the shows themselves cause people to connect. People who share a common interest share their interests with each other. Such examples that Johnson mentioned in the book are the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars series. Johnson believed that the internet causes people to continuously learn new things that are coming out such as new software that is used to update technology that everyone uses. The new interface that comes out with technology such a new Windows causes people to adapt and learn many new features that makes more advanced technology available to the average citizen. The internet also causes people interact with others and thus information is spread to other people. 


In part 2 Johnson says that American IQ scores have increased over time because of the new entertainment that we are constantly surrounded by. In part 2 he talks about how human intelligence is complex and that it is a result of many genetic and environmental factors such as interacting with objects. Johnson continued to support his claims with data that he had gathered but I believe that most of the data that he presented was not a strong representative of his ideals. However I believe that this was only because of his wording choice. Johnson believed that All the new ideas that were being put into entertainment were stimulating the consumers mind and thus made them more alert to ideas. A major example that he mentioned in part 1 that perfectly represents this idea is the Legend of Zelda series where players have to pick up on subtle hints in order to solve a larger picture puzzle. Thus it increases the players alertness and stimulates the person's thinking and along with that there is an increase in IQ among the people. 

Johnson's argument is true even today as there are many ideas going around saying that video games are bad for children. A major example of this is how public officials in the United States are claiming that video games are causing people to become violent and thus causing the increase in public shootings. This is Johnson's general idea about entertainment. Currently the most popular games are made of extreme violence. A prime example of such a game would be the God of War franchise with the main character going on a voyage to k**l his fellow gods in the most gruesome and b****y way in existence. If what these public officials are saying is true that that would make everyone violent. Instead games like these help satisfy the imagination that people had. It is the story instead of te violence that draws people towards it. People do not do something just to do it. They want to have a reason to participate in the act. The same thing can be said for a book. If the story of the book is absolute garbage then the reader would have no reason to continue reading. However, games and entertainment have benefits they also have a disadvantage. These things can become addicting. Just like everything else in the world, it needs to be in moderation. It is no longer good for you if it affects your real world activities. In that case I believe that then it becomes the opposite of what Johnson's beliefs are. Then it would become the same thing as being addicted to alcohol in a certain sense.

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