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I am confused as to what the difference is between domain and range can someone explain it and how to calculate domain and range.

 Mar 14, 2018

The domain is all the possible x values


The range is all the range is all the posible y vlues.


You can often get it just by looking at or thinking about the curve.

Sometimes you must look at the eqation and look at what values x or y can, or cannot take.



for instance


y-2 =1/x


You cannot divide by 0 so x is not zero

so the domain is all real x where x is not equal to 0      

\(Domain:\:x\in R\;\;where\;\; \:x\ne0\;\;\)


1 divided by anything is not equal to 0 so y-2 is not equal to 0 so    y is not equal to 2

\(Range:\:y\in R\;\;where\;\; \:y\ne2\;\;\)


So x=0 and y=2 are the asymptotes of this hyperbola.

 Mar 14, 2018

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