help with (a) through (f)

 Sep 8, 2017

I cannot read that, the question is too small.

 Sep 8, 2017

Depending on your browser, you may be able to right click and select  "Open Image in New Tab" or "View Image" or "Properties" and then go to this address:


https://web2.0calc.com/api/ssl-img-proxy?src=%2Fimg%2Fupload%2F439974ca3776d9a4816e3b d7%2Fscreenshot-2017-09-08-at-4.34.05-pm.png


But also...to the Guest who asked the question, I suggest typing the questions if the image is small.



Sakda runs a basketball program. On the first day of the season, 55 young women showed up and were categorized by age level and by preferred basketball position, as shown in the accompanying table. Using the set labels (letters) in the table, find the number of players in each of the sets below.


(a) J ∩ G                     (b) S ∩ N                              (c) N U (S ∩ F)

(d) S' ∩ (G U N)          (e) (S ∩ N') U (C ∩ G')          (f) N' ∩ (S' ∩ C')



We can't see the accompanying table, so we can't answer the question.

 Sep 8, 2017
edited by hectictar  Sep 8, 2017

here's the table

Guest Sep 8, 2017

Thanks Hectictar,

I have never done that before and hopefully I will remember.    laugh

It worked a treat. :)


Still it is a discouragement to answerers if they cannot read the question properly without fussing.

Most answerers are retired people with reduced vision so it is in the askers interest to learn to present the questions better/bigger.

Melody  Sep 9, 2017

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