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miguel put a 75 piece puzzle together in 55 minutes. At this rate, how long will it take him in all to finish his 825 piece puzzle.

 Mar 19, 2019

Okay to solve this problem it will be easy because the number is even and fits in nicly all we have to do is divide 825 by 75 which is equal to = 11 


then multiply 55 by 11 Why do we multiply 55 by 11 because there 11 pairs of 75 as we divded we also know there are 55 minutes of time spent on 75 pieces so I am in the good faith that you can multiply that so thats your answer.

 Mar 19, 2019

With a little less explanation and dimensional analysis:

55 min / 75 pieces   ×  825 pieces = ? Mins

 Mar 19, 2019

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