Hey guys just sayn i cant get into my acc. I keep putting in my username and password correct but it keeps sayn "unknown username".

Is anyone else having that problem, or is it just me?

 Apr 2, 2019

No I am not having that issue. I suggest to press the button under where you put your password that says "forgot password". It will send you a email and you can change your password. 

 Apr 2, 2019

No problem for me either.....are you sure your keyboard is set to 'degrees' and not 'radians' ?    Haha    cheeky

 Apr 2, 2019

Mine is Working 

Nickolas  Apr 2, 2019


I don't know for certain, but maybe the usernames are case sensitive. 


Make sure you aren't entering a letter O instead of a zero 0 - or vice versa. 


Tell us what your username is ... not your password, just your username. 



 Apr 2, 2019

I agree with guest here. One time i typed my name as Iamjeff and not IAmJeff and it said "unknown username"

Just make sure you get it 100% right.

IAmJeff  Apr 3, 2019

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