I decided to try and create my own math problem, because I got really bored...


Here it goes


There's a new website in town! web3.0calc has been released.

CPhill, decides that he wants to give this website a try. He likes to do math problems (obviously). On this web3.0calc, points are awarded if you answer 100 questions or ask 100 questions. You get 100 points for answering 100 questions and 500 points for asking 100 questions (IDK why, but umm, good luck.

CPhill has already gotten 120000 points on this website, but he's only second!!!

Me, NotThatSmart (cuz why not), has 150000 points. 


The probability CPhill answers 300 questions a day is 20% (assume unlimited questions are avaiblable). The probability he answers 200 questions in a day is 70%. The probability he answers 100 questions in a day is 10%. 

The proability that NotThatSmart asks 25 questions a day is 20% (you don't get points until you hit 100). The probability he asks 50 questions in a day is 70%, and the probability he asks 10 questions in a day is 20%. 


Let's assume that no desciprtancies are involved. After 100 days, CPhill truly has 20 days where he answered 300 questions, 70 days where he answered 200, and 10 days he answered 100. 


My question is about how long will it take CPhill to catch me? 


(I didn't check this question yet, so if there's a mistake, let me know) 


Thanks! Good Luck! :)

 Jun 1, 2024

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