In triangle PQR, PQ=8, PR=lO and QR=9. PD bisects angle QPR, QA
is perpendicular to PD, and BC passes through A such that BC is
parallel to PR. Prove that AC is a median of triangle PAQ. Find DB.


In right triangle ABC, let F be the midpoint of hypotenuse AB, and
let D be the foot of the altitude from C to AB. Let E be on AB such
that CE is the angle bisector of angle ACB. Prove that angle


n triangle ABC, point E i s the midpoint of AC, and AD is a median
of triangle ABC. F is on AB such that AF=AB / 4. EF and AD meet at
X. Find AX/ AD.


Given that AB=BC=6, CD=3-v'2, angle ABC=90, and that there is a
circle passing through all four vertices of ABCD. Find the area of


In triangle JKL, we have JK=JL=25 and KL=40. Find the inradius of
triangle JKL. Find the circumradius of triangle JKL.



Let I be the incenter of triangle ABC, and let AI meet BC at
A'. Prove that A'I/IA=BA' /AB. Prove that A'I/IA = BC/(AB+AC)

 Jan 6, 2022

We are not here to do your homework for you.

 Jan 6, 2022

this wasn't for my homework , my friends friends gave me these problems as a fun challenge

Guest Jan 8, 2022

What a load of rubbish.
If they were given to you as a fun challenge and you are trying to get them done here then you are cheating on your freinds challenge.

More likely you are cheating on school work.


Either way, your aim with this post is to CHEAT!


Your cheat questions are blocked, not that that anyone would be likely to bother with them anyway.

Melody  Jan 8, 2022
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