Hey guys! heather here, and today we got some news to share with you guys, so let's get started.

Article #1: The "LockDown"

So, this weekend the Forums was shut down temporarily for the entire few days. According to one of Melody's quotes in response to this:

"My last wrap was 3 days ago, that is because the forum was down for nearly 2 days! There were major database problems and the whole forum went into read only mode. Mr Massow had the system operational again yesterday. Three of the databases were up and running and he was working on a 4th one when quite suddenly the system shut down again. Anyway, it is working again now except that our point scores are all over the place. Peoples scores have been fluctuating wildly all day. Do not get too upset, you will most likely end up with your original score or a score that you are happy with. It is probably just a problem with the data base.

This happened last time the system had a major overhaul (about 13 months ago) It continued for quite a while before it settled down. I thought it was admin trying to work out the best scoring system. Anyway, eventually everyone got used to haveing a different score every 5 minutes and people started seeing the funny side of it. You should try not to put too much importance on your score anyway. You are here to learn and to enjoy the environment."-Melody, End Of Wrap Day #2

That is what Melody has to say to this shut down.

Article #2: Point Crisis (has ended)

For the last 48 hours, members have been ranting about losing their points. However, according to the quote by Melody, she would like to remind you guys that you are here to learn and enjoy, not to compete scores for glory (that goes to you as well TitaniumRome), however, the points have been fixed, and now the crisis has ended...for now.

Article #3: Music Report

Not too long ago, Dbg4thebest created a Music Report for everyone to enjoy. If you have any spare time to spend, Music is the way to go. I'll put a link here so you don't have to look it up:


I highly suggest that you check it out, and it would make Dbg4thebest's day if you check it out.

Article #4: The Forums Official Game

Shortly after the Forums went back to work, Rosala came up with a new idea. Remember the times where she and Titanium Rome fought al the time? Well they're still doing it, but this time, unlike before, it's just a game. This means anyone can join. Joun Rosala and her Power Rangers team to defend, or try to conquer the Forums with Titanium Rome and the Pacific Realm. Or just create a new squad and defeat both. It's your choice in this game.

Following links can be found here:

Forums Official Game (Rosala)


Team Deciding (Rosala)


Prep Day (Titanium Rome)


Check it out. And remember: ITS JUST A GAME!!!

That's it for the Forums. If you're curious about the censored message happening, then let's get to it.

Article #5: Fall Of Royality???

Now, remember when a few weeks ago, Titanium Rome mentioned his ex-girlfriend was expelled from his elementary school?

Well, we are now in Middle School, and since then, his ex-girlfriend, known as Jennifer, has been creating an empire, known to be as: B.G.W. Rebels

The Empire of Royality has been ruling B.G.W. School along with 2 more empires almost the entire year. As the year is closing, Royality will be leaving the school year as the 2nd most powerful empire in the school, tied with the Soviet Vikings for the 1st place position. However, they might not stay in the throne for long, as Jennifer's new empire has risen. BGW Rebels is the only empire currently in BGW K-8 School, as Royality and Soviet Vkings have been attacking and winning battles, along with the help of TimberCoyotes, and Royality Mustangs. However, next year, it has been predicted that Jennifer will be transferring to GVMS, and this is what this message means here to Titanium Rome, sent by the host of our school's broadcast, Marco:

Titanium Rome, a new empire has risen, and it's coming to GV, and it's planning to target and attack your empire next year. Even worse, your ex-girlfriend is leading. Guess we got some news for once to put on the show besides basketball.-Marco

Now, this message is life threatening according to Titanium Rome, and he predicts that Royality will finally fall. However, he will do anything he can to prevent this. Later this week he will give a speech to the empire.

That is all for now. Later this week lets see if we have some news to put on. Cya!

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