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We are currently on Prep Day

Anyways, time for some prep fun Location: Fukushima, Japan Team: Pacific Realm

Me (Emperor)-Listen up guys, we have a new game war going on, and we are in. We must attack each base or player and get how many stars?

Everyone else-3 stars Chief! Me-Thats what I want to hear! Anyways, I have some bases for you to attack with your devices. You must attack your assigned number or else youre out of here. Don't be a chicken and go for weaker ones, or be a idiotic greedy hero going for higher ones. Got that?

Everyone else-Yes Chief!

I walk along and spot a player attacking a weaker player*

Me-What were you thinking!? I said don't be a chicken!

Troop #1-Lo siento Chief no puedo attaquar mi-

Me-English only, soldier! Can you speak it!?

Troop #1-Que?

I k**l Troop #1 with my Fire Demon*

I walk up to Alex and see he forgot to use his spells

Me-Where is that rage spell!?

Alex-Sorry Chief!

Me-Put it there!

Alex-Yes Chief!

Alex finally does as I say and ends up with a 3 star because of a rage spell

Me-Good job Alex, now get some rest. long day tomorrow!

Alex-Yes Chief!

I walk up and saw that Troop #2 & #3 havent built their Team Castle yet*

Me-Is there a reason why your castle is destroyed?

Troop #2 remains silent, but #3 replies back*

Troop #3-Whats a Team Castle Chief?

Me- Get out!

I walk up to Dawn and Heather and I see theyre doing well*

Me-Good job, ladies! See everyone!? These two are awesome examples and models of how to become a good soldier in war! You two can rest now if youd like. I believe you two are ready for tomorrow.

Dawn and Heather-We are ready.

I walk up to Troop #4 and see he is highly skilled*

Me-Dang, nice attacking skills. What you got defended on defense!?

Troop #4-Yes I have Chief!

Me-Dang, we need you on our team. Youre highly skilled and would make a great addition to the team.

*I talk with Bob Jones for a bit

 Me-Hows the Industry going?

Bob Jones-We are ready.

Me-You are?

Bob Jones-Yes we are, my Chief! i can even show them to you now!

We both walk up to the Chamber Of Crafting*

Me-Yes!!! this is outstanding! We will win today's battle, and claim tomorrow's victory.


I come back to my Attack Squad*

Me-Some of you have been doing great. Others haven't. Troop #2 & #3, youre fired.

Troop 2 and 3 leave the building*

Me-Salute ot the flag!

Everyone salute to the flag*


Everyone pulls their weapon and each of them fires a bullet to the sky. No one got shot but a llama*

Me-We're ready! 

TitaniumRome  May 24, 2015

Good but are you battling with yourself? And do me a favour ,pls use some good language, I think you need to read that link post again!

rosala  May 24, 2015

No i dont, but yea i think i took the language too far. 

We will fix that on a bit.

and no im not battling with myself. Thats odd. I cant imagine anyone battling themself. 

Anyways, Battle Day is tomorrow. Got to get ready.

TitaniumRome  May 24, 2015

It can be any day! What all we need is words and a sprinkle of clever thoughts!* gives you a clap on the shoulder*

rosala  May 24, 2015

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