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How many factors of 900 have exactly 18 factors




WHAT I DID (If I got it incorrect tell me what I got wrong)

Prime factorize 900..?


3^2 * 2^2 * 5^2


You find the number of factors of 900 by taking the exponents, adding one to each, and multiplying them out.


3 * 3 * 3 = 27. 900 has 27 factors..



We can apply the same rule to find the numbers that have 18 factors by working backward.


We prime factor 18.


3 * 3 * 2


So it must be in the form:


x^2 * y^2 * z


Values of x, y, z, must be subbed in with 3, 2, 5.


We find the number of ways that can be arranged. So its, just 3!

So 6?




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 Nov 15, 2019
edited by CalculatorUser  Nov 15, 2019

I know what I did wrong


Oh ok, I know what I did wrong.

Basically I got to a certain point where 2, 3, 5, can be substituted in here:


Then, I find all the possible values, and count them.

I thought it was just 3!, but if you calculated it out, it actually is 3.

 Nov 15, 2019

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