I really need help with this one question.


Circle 1: center (8,5), with a radius of 6

Circle 2: center (-2,1) with a radius of 2


1. What transformations can be applied to Circle 1 to prove that the circles are similar?

2. What scale factor does the dilation from Circle 1 to Circle 2 have?

Guest Mar 15, 2018

I will answer this tenatively , as no one has yet.....


To get from circle one to circle two, you will need to

Translate 10 to the left  (8-(-2))    AND

Translate DOWN 4   (5-1)    AND

introduce a dilation factor of 1/3     (1/3 x 6 =2)     cheeky

ElectricPavlov  Mar 15, 2018

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