Find the coefficient of u^2 v^9 in the expansion of (2u - 3v + u^2 - v^2)^9.

 Dec 29, 2022

Just to be honest with you... I would never actually do this problem. However, I do have an asset called the internet that can help me. I believe that you have this asset too, because you are asking a question here. Now, there is this thing called a link that is a feature of the internet and if you CLICK the link, it takes you to something called a website. WOW! So, the link is:



Anyways, when clicking that link and plugging the numbers in, it gave me a result, a very big one. So I did something else, and clicked ctrl f and then searched "u2v9" without quotation marks. Then, it told me the coefficient was:



(If this answer is wrong, sue MathPapa not me)

That's the step-by-step process!wink

 Dec 29, 2022

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